For Grantees

Grantees will receive a Grant Agreement document that their executive director must sign before receiving the approved funding.  The Grant Agreement outlines responsibilities of the grantee as well as grant requirements.  The grantee must adhere to only purchasing items that are outlined in the grant and must notify Impact Alamance prior to making any expense or project changes.

Grantees will be required to submit a Mid-Year Progress Report six months after the date they are awarded funding.  Each grantee will be notified a month prior to the due date. The Mid-Year Progress Report will ask the grantees to report on the outcomes and measures outlined in their original proposal.  The report will also ask for a budget update.  A Final Progress Report will be administered to grantees a year after the date they are awarded funding.  Grantees will be notified a month prior to the due date.  The goal for the grantees is that their outcomes will be successful in improving the community’s health and contribute to long-term positive change.

Impact Alamance staff and board members may conduct a site visit at the grantee’s organization to better understand the mission of the organization, and to discuss the progress of the funded project.  Staff will notify the executive director and coordinate a date for the visit.

Grantees should contact Impact Alamance at (336) 221-0011 if they have any questions or need clarification regarding grant requirements.

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