Strategic Plan

The board and staff of Impact Alamance have developed a strategic plan to help the organization carry out its mission of strategically investing in our community for health, hope and prosperity.

Our strategy is to drive long-term, measurable change that will create a better future for Alamance County.  We hope to achieve this through collective impact, where collaboration among multiple organizations and a focus on common goals creates a greater, longer-lasting impact than any one entity could by itself. Learn more about collective impact.

Our strategic plan includes the following components:

Investing in Healthy Kids

Our Healthy Kids initiatives are focused on:

  • Creating, maintaining and leveraging partnerships between organizations to increase children’s physical activity and access to healthy food.
  • Researching, identifying and investing in best practices for improving early education and wellness for children up to age 5.

Our Healthy Kids funding and support activities include:

  • Encouraging the development and implementation of policies that improve childhood health.
  • Creating a safe built environment that includes plenty of opportunities for children to get the physical activity they need.
  • Supporting and participating in municipal planning to create more opportunities for regular physical activity by families and their children.
  • Identifying strategic direct service providers to improve early childhood programs and policies.
  • Building and strengthening partnerships across the county among different public, private and civic organizations.

Learn more about our Healthy Kids initiative. 

Building a Healthy Community

Our Healthy Community initiative includes:

  • Developing a cradle-to-career partnership that engages the community to define where the local grid of resources is weak or patchy, and repair and expand the grid so that it flows equitably to all, with a commitment to continuous improvement leveraging existing assets.
  • Supporting public education and nonprofit organizations to increase their capacity to provide the wrap-around services families need to succeed.
  • Supporting nonprofits through funding and technical assistance for organizational development, capacity building and grant writing.
  • Fostering a community dialogue that builds a culture for supporting and investing in children.

Learn more about our Healthy Communities initiative.

Supporting Local Organizations

See our Grant Opportunities page for more details.

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