Healthy Communities

Getting schools ready for kids

Healthy communities are communities where residents experience physical and emotional wellbeing and are fully able to contribute to the region’s civic and economic vibrancy. We envision an Alamance County where neighbors, businesses, schools, government agencies and community organizations work together toward common goals, reducing the prevalence of illness and disease, and enhancing our quality of life.

Impact Alamance also recognizes that health is more than not being sick or injured; it goes beyond physical conditions to include the social, emotional, and environmental aspects of people’s lives. A study by researchers at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy found that people with higher levels of education live longer and are less likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety, and other chronic health conditions.  Strengthening education is a critical part of our healthy communities initiative.

Taking sensible steps now to prevent illness and increase the quality of life is the responsible thing to do. It’s especially important to take a preventative approach when we know that failing to act will have long-term, serious consequences. We envision a community that works together to support children — from cradle to career — by eliminating disparities, developing a culture focused on continuous improvement and harnessing existing strengths and capacities.

Capacity building for local nonprofits

No one organization can single handedly meet every need of the community. That’s why Impact Alamance is committed to building capacity among nonprofit organizations serving Alamance County and encouraging innovative solutions to common challenges.

Impact Alamance has dedicated funding to local nonprofit agencies to help them develop their leadership skills, to assist them in developing strong boards for effective governance, to identify their operational strengths and opportunities, and to identify ways to address the greatest needs through a strategic plan.   Learn more about capacity building funding opportunities here.



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